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Louisiana Latte Got A Makeover!

With an additional 30,000 words, new scenes, updated content, new cover and even a love interest for Deb, Louisiana Latte is at a whole new level for Chick-Lit Comedy! Buckle up, because this ride has nonstop turbulence. 

Synopsis: As the engines started, accompanied by the fasten seat belt sign, Deb felt her skin crawl with immobilizing fear. She was in a life or death situation: either get off the plane or die in her brand-new Gucci stilettos. Deb couldn’t get on a plane for love that day, but she could do it twenty years later for money. Money was worth dying for.

Fast forward twenty years with sisters Deb and Becky, waiting to board a Boeing 737 to Louisiana at Reagan International airport with Deb in a pair of four-inch diamante Gucci stilettos and a Dunkin Donuts coffee, click-clacking her way through the aluminum floor, chatting enthusiastically with every passenger in sight and making her sister Becky her personal caddie. The sisters were attending a prosthetic convention in hopes of obtaining clients for their online billing service.
Once at the conference, staying at a five-star hotel that they cannot afford, Becky makes it her mission to find Deb the man of her dreams who Becky refers to as Mr. Perfect. Becky runs into Mr. Perfect (later known as Dylan the hunky Londoner) throughout their stay in Shreveport. Dylan is a carbon copy of Deb from his Gucci shoes to his Dulce & Gabbana Cologne. Becky knows this is the man that will sweep Deb off her feet so she can finally kick her loser boyfriend Bucky to the curb and end her string of bad boy romances. The only problem is, how is Becky going to get them to meet with so many men trying to sweep Deb off her diamanté stiletto wearing feet?

A Special thanks to my editor Angela Willingham
Cover design by Dawn @

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