Seven Spine-Chilling Stories is edited and out for submission to publishing houses. I wish I could have had it ready and released by Halloween 2022, but that isn't going to happen much to my disdain! So what I can do is offer you a sneak peek into my latest work.

The Witch’s Loop: Find yourself driving the witch’s loop late at night through a Florida swamp and see if you make it out alive.
Black Diamonds Are Forever: Venture into a jewelry shop where there are more than just jewels inside the stones.
The Diet: Pick a card and choose your fate, but be careful your heart’s desire isn’t an obsession.
The Oublier: Travel to the isolated town in Iona Scotland where the curse of the Oublier finds those who ignore its warnings.
Cirque Des Morts: Enter the Circus of the Dead, where some never make it out alive while other’s never leave.
Niki Needles: Join the followers of Nicki Needles as she demonstrates a live video on DYI plastic surgery that will scar you for life.
Spirit Board: Celebrate Halloween night with three friends as they open more than just the box to a spirit board.

Seven Spine-Chilling Stories will not only leave you sleeping with the lights on, but it will also make you see the world around you through a horror tinted lens. Once you begin this read, you’ll never be the same. 

Pitch: Journey into the macabre but be prepared, you’ll never be the same once you do.


                                                                        This Week's Sample:

                                                                                THE DIET 


... Nick squinted into the night, his eyes adjusting to the gloom and the shadows that moved just beyond his vision. He followed the obscure silhouettes past the sidewalks and the sand dunes. A dark ocean raged beyond, roaring as it hurled itself onto the beach, over and over. Just up ahead in the sand was a circle of old campers, rusted and weather-beaten. They looked abandoned if not for the meager campfire burning driftwood in the center. He craned his head toward the caravans, spying candles flickering in the windows, informing him they were in fact inhabited. Nick strolled by the first few, not daring to gaze into the grim windows. Some had skulls and bones decorating the front doors, while another had twigs scattered about, creating a large nest. Nick shuddered. For what bird? Nick wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

A movement caught his eyes, and he nearly gasped at the sight. On the far side of the circle he saw a woman sitting in a chair at a small round table outside her camper. Her face was hidden behind a long curtain of raven-black hair, and she wore a matching sleeveless dress that exposed her bare shoulders and chest. She rocked back and forth in her rickety chair, muttering to herself.

Nick stepped back into the shadows, but somehow she must have seen him. “I have what you’re looking for,” she called out to him, not looking up.

Nick’s coal-colored eyes grew wide, and he scratched at the back of his neck. “How do you know what I want?” he asked.

“Because what you want is inside this.” Abruptly the woman ceased her rocking, and quick as a snake her hand darted up to place a tiny velvet box on top of the table, her face still hidden beneath her straight locks.

Nick eyed the peculiar lady and the small box before her. “O-o-okay. I’ll bite,” he said as he took a seat opposite from the woman. The chair groaned under his weight, and he shifted uncomfortably. The woman hummed a low and menacing tune as she revealed a deck of tarot cards and placed the deck in front of Nick. He leaned in, his heart rate picking up as his eyes traveled over their frayed and bent edges.

“Pick one card from the top,” the woman’s voice was rasp and brittle sounding much like her deck. “And whatever that card is, the solution will be inside the box.”

Nick wetted his dry lips, anxiety creeping up the back of his neck and causing the hair to stand on end. “It’s that simple?” he asked as he laid a shaking hand on top of the worn tarot deck.

The woman laughed, still hidden behind her curtain of hair, her voice grim and deep. “There is nothing simple about this,” she purred. “Pick now if you want a transformation or walk away forever and accept who you are.” ...


As always a big thank you to my editor Angela Willingham 

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