The Importance Of Community Within Your Craft


I started my writing journey seven years ago. I had never written a novel before and decided, today was the day! I lit a fire in my living room on a winter’s evening and began to type random words on my laptop. The story was only a thought in my mind at that point. I didn’t know the plot much less the direction it would go. Before I knew it, I had written a story, The Lady Raven: A Dark Cinderella Tale. I was completely new to the writing world and didn’t have any community to turn to for guidance. I began to research steps to becoming an author. I soon discovered I needed to become an expert in writing a query letter. Because I did not have proper guidance I believe this took my journey as an author on a long adventure. I signed with a hybrid publishing house and a couple of years later signed again with the same publishers for my book Louisiana Latte. The path soon took me to Instagram where I became a part of an actual writing community. I found growth and strength within this online family. I learned more about the publishing world than I ever imagined. I basically took a university course on Indie publishing and the tips and tricks of the trade through social media. 

After two years of making friends, learning, growing and supporting one another I was ready to break up with my publisher and set off on my own to find a traditional publishing house, Urban Edge Publishing whom I signed within 2020. I was able to draft a strong query letter, market my books, reach my potential audience and even write a full non-fiction book proposal. I found beta readers, alpha readers, editors, book reviewers and blog tours all within Instagram. Finding a community for your craft is essential to reaching your full potential. I don’t know what I would have done without mine!


Much Love and happy reading and writing! xox

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