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Living in the Open 💚🌈

A wise & beautiful friend/peer told me yesterday, I'm no longer living in the closet, I'm living in the open and with that comes all my vulnerability and truth. I hope that sharing my vulnerability with you might help someone who needs to hear it today. There are moments when I realize I need a breather... I'm done. My brain is overwhelmed, my emotions are frazzled. I can feel that old prickly uprising of fight or flight kicking in.  Before, not too long ago, I couldn't manage those triggers and I would cave to the stress. But now I've learned to pause, breathe. Take a beat and get out of my head. Go for a walk, put my headphones in and become lost in a world where it's only the sound of my sneakers hitting the pavement and the cords of melody streaming through my mind. I can relax. My soul is rejuvenated, my mind unwinds, I can stop the fight or flight before it happens.  Something uplifting always greets me on my daily walks. It doesn't have to be mome

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