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A Very Vegan Christmas Is An Amazon #1 New Release

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Louisiana Latte Got A Makeover!

With an additional 30,000 words, new scenes, updated content, new cover and even a love interest for Deb, Louisiana Latte is at a whole new level for Chick-Lit Comedy! Buckle up, because this ride has nonstop turbulence. 

Synopsis: As the engines started, accompanied by the fasten seat belt sign, Deb felt her skin crawl with immobilizing fear. She was in a life or death situation: either get off the plane or die in her brand-new Gucci stilettos. Deb couldn’t get on a plane for love that day, but she could do it twenty years later for money. Money was worth dying for.

Fast forward twenty years with sisters Deb and Becky, waiting to board a Boeing 737 to Louisiana at Reagan International airport with Deb in a pair of four-inch diamante Gucci stilettos and a Dunkin Donuts coffee, click-clacking her way through the aluminum floor, chatting enthusiastically with every passenger in sight and making her sister Becky her personal caddie. The sisters were attending a prosthetic co…

A Very Vegan Christmas: Mrs. Claus' Kitchen Released In Time For The Holidays!

A Very Vegan Christmas: Mrs. Claus' Kitchen is out in time for the holidays! 

Christmas has always been an important holiday in my home. It is a time for gathering in the kitchen to bake with family and friends. This book contains traditional, holiday recipes prepared from nondairy and cruelty free ingredients.
With 46 recipes to choose from, you will have a classic selection of recipes to inspire your little Christmas elves or sugar plum fairies to gobble up their plates! Being a mom of two, and so no stranger to hosting Christmas parties for little ones, I understand the importance of presentation. If the food is fun and engaging, children and adults alike, will want to try vegan options. The recipes come with creative decorating ideas, party suggestions and enchanting holiday recipe names, to get your cute little Mrs. Claus helpers, eager to bake with you in the kitchen.

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A Very Vegan Christmas: Mrs. Claus' Christmas Reviews

Read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

For a sneak peak inside the cookbook check out the magical trailer!

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A Very Vegan Christmas, On Tour With Silver Dagger

I am so excited to be back on tour yet again with Silver Dagger Book Tours!

Make sure you stop by the tour and enter you chance to win in the Amazon gift card giveaway!

Read A Very Vegan Christmas for free with Kindle Unlimited!
For a sneak peak inside the cookbook check out the magical trailer!

A Very Vegan Christmas Reaches Top 10 On Release Day

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