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Behind the scene promo shoot Louisiana Latte 💋 👠 💄

I had so much fun doing my first Promo Shoot for Louisiana Latte! A special thank you to Neil Gogoi for making my hair and makeup flawless "The higher the hair the closer to God" Says Neil quoting Ms. Dolly Parton.
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Art Exhibit

Thank you to Alexander Dakers, for including Louisiana Latte  In his solo exhibit at The Brick Lane Gallery in London June 19th -24th 

So excited to see my sci-fi horror novel Hybrid coming to life in the editing stages!! Want a little look into the intro of the book!? Here it is!!

His presence filled the small space with an electric charge, and the taste of ozone coated my mouth. He didn't walk in; he appeared to float from the doorway. His gripping indigo eyes pinned me to my seat. ✨


Deb & Becky

Special mention to Author Syd West for this gorgeous  Photo design!!  Love you Syd West! Check out her book Hot Short Reads on Amazon!!

The lady raven on book tour 🕯️🖤

The Lady Raven A Dark Cinderella Tale on Tour With  Xpresso Book Tours!

Obsessed with this photo!! 🔮🕯️🖤

A  Massive  Thank You To @literary_consumer  On Instagram For This Gorgeous Post Of The Lady Raven: A Dark Cinderella Tale  You can find more of her stunning posts on Instagram! Link below 🖤🖤🖤

80's days

In touch with my 80's days...

Louisiana Latte 💋 👠 💄

Promo Shoot with Neil Gogoi for Louisiana Latte