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Her: Wide Awake

I can now share and write my story because I’ve finally found self-love. My awakening is noticeable to most people who meet me and prominent to those who know me. I’m awake. My eyes are wide open, my soul is on fire, my body is in perpetual motion. I’m unstoppable in my truth. My authentic self is alive. But I wasn’t always like this. I was asleep. Sleepwalking through the corridors of a self-made prison. A privileged life locked away in a gilded cage. I was a bird with clipped wings. My world was a fortress built on oppression and denial. My only means of surviving was to go to sleep. I had become sleeping beauty in a tower. But it wasn’t a prince who woke me up. It was a woman. It was Her. I constantly relieve the moment I went to sleep. It plays in my mind like a motion picture. It’s always there, reminding me of everything I survived. My escape. It was a bleak day as I drove through the English countryside. I pulled the car into my therapist’s driveway and pressed my head against t

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