Really excited to announce my new book Conjure Lake is ready for ARC readers on Booksirens! Conjure Lake is a full legnth YA novel published through Finch Books as a companion book to my new series. It will be released in August 2022!

As with the series Conjure Lake is an LBGTQ, YA, Magical Realism book.

When feelings are more than a warning, they become haunting.

Eighteen-year-old Serena is attending university on the west coast when her life is flipped upside down. With the untimely death of her parents, Serena returns to New York City to care for her seven-year-old brother, Jack. As financial pressures mound, Serena makes the difficult decision of moving them to their heritage lake house in Upstate.
Jack hasn’t spoken since their parent’s death and Serena’s only focus is learning how to become a full-time mother to her little brother with the hope that she can save him from his sorrow. But when the siblings arrive in the isolated town of Korwin Grove, they realize their family’s name raises eyebrows from the townsfolk as the two settle into the Korwin abandoned lake home.
The word witch is whispered in the air whenever the locals see Serena and it doesn’t take long for the siblings to discover that things inside the gothic house are not what they appear to be. The more Serena discovers about the townsfolk, the more she questions everyone’s motives. Including her new crush on a girl named Ashton who just happened to appear in time to rescue Serena from a dark and looming presence within the house. An ancient witch has cursed Conjure Lake and if they stay in Korwin Cottage, they may never make it out alive.
Can Serena trust her feelings for the good-looking and confident Ashton or should she keep her wall up and rely on her newfound witch abilities to save herself and her brother Jack from Alice Lake?
Conjure Lake is a story that will make you question everything you’ve ever been told about ghosts.

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