Book 2 Of Ambrosia Hill!! ARC Copies!


Obsidian ARC Copies Are Out Just In Time For October 1st To Kick Off The Witchy Season This Halloween!!! 🎃 🖤

Head over to Booksirens to grab your copy while spots last!!

Sometimes the truth has to be revealed in order to receive love.

Ninth grade is everything Zinnia didn’t want it to be at St. Hopes. Her life back in the city feels empty and Liv’s groupies of popular girls are suffocating Zinnia with their daily taunts. As Halloween approaches, Zinnia craves the comfort and security of Ambrosia Hill and desperately wishes to be back with her aunts but especially Billie, the girl with the green eyes, who Zinnia can't get out of her mind. Right when Zinnia thinks she won’t be able to wait until the summer to see Billie, her mom shocks her with a spontaneous announcement. They are leaving for Ambrosia Hill to visit the aunts. But can Zinnia surrender her truth to accept love?

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