For anyone who feels insecure about aging: 💚

A woman told me it was time I considered Botox. That the laugh lines around my eyes are prominent. I like to believe she had my best interest at heart when she made that comment. I am confident that the remark came from a place of insecurity and not malice. Society is a bitch. It can prevent women from seeing our true beauty. Coming out and dating women, has shown me that imperfection is beautiful, and everyone has their own glow radiating through them. We don't need to be clones of one another to have beauty. I have always smiled. I smile from the very depths of my being, my soul. I choose to keep my laugh lines like tree rings. An imperfect recorder of a timeline. My timeline. Because through my journey, through my pain, suffering, growth and rebirth, I’m still smiling. My inner light is shining through my eyes. I want people to feel my smile, to see my happiness. Maybe it might bring someone joy. The woman who tried to nudge, more like a sharp elbow to the ribs, me into Botox, was stunning, and her injections were tastefully done and natural looking. I respect her decision to use Botox. There's no right or wrong answer to selfcare. We all have our potions & lotions, techniques we have decided are best for us. But I don’t mind if you see my age within my smile. I would prefer the skin of a 20-year-old. Who wouldn’t!? But I also enjoy the maturity, calmness and victory of being in my 40s and having those lifelines show in my smile. From my heart, within my soul, and out to you. Whatever the beauty choice, however, you choose to age or not age, love yourself and show your smile!

No going back, no regrets! Much Love! 🌈💚🌈

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