My Feminine Divine: A Mantra

My own affirmation of The Feminine Divine: It's a work in progress but you level up every day and feel the awards of doing the inner work. 

My Feminine Divine: A Mantra 💚🌈

My inner goddess is radiant. She shines from within. Her beauty is pure brightness everlasting. Illumination, stardust and moonbeams. Sunrays and, of course, rainbows. She sings from the deepest depth of my soul. The innermost part of my existence. Like a siren calling my failures to drown. To follow her into the murky waters of death. Transformation. A lotus growing from the mud. To surrender, to let go of control and bow to the goddess. Both knees bent, arms extended wide. My heart is open. I am ready to receive.

I am detached from wanting, needing, expecting, coveting, hurting, grieving. The ego. I release what is no longer serving my greater good and trust the divine feminine to allow me to forgive my old self of yesterday. To be patient with my present self of today, and to rejoice in the future self of tomorrow. To live in my highest self.

I do not need the approval of others. I know my worth. The divine silences those days of insecurity. She is my one and only source of acceptance. She is my inner warrior, my ride or die, my queen. I bow to her.

Through her brilliance, I am a goddess of peace, level and calm. Steady and true. I am a master of balance and serenity. My emotions no longer control my instincts. Instead, I control my reactions. I inhale a steady stream of water from my lips in times of chaos. Water quenches fire. Purification. Fire boils water into vapor. Strength. I can wield both elements to serve my highest good. 

I am the goddess of my own design. I am the mirror image of my feminine divine. I choose to live in harmony. I choose to act in love. To give love, to receive love. I experienced a baptism in her radiant light, and I was reborn. She has always been there. Inside of me. Inside of you. Mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover, me, you. The feminine divine.

 No going back, no regrets!

Much love! 🌈

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